A P2E sci-fi game on the cardano blockchain with customizable and upgradable NFTs. Bringing multiplayer NFT-enabled battles to the cardano ecosystem.


Q1 - Completed

Whitepaper reveal

Art reveal

Website goes live

Discord server goes live

First Drop - 1600 deep space planets


Free 1:1 airdrop for all planet holders

3d planet viewer goes live

Collaborations with other projects are revealed

Second drop- resource generating continents (planet owners get a discount)

Floating continent airdrops

Resource production begins - Continent/Planet owners now generate in-game resources


Resource Accumulation phase for game begins

Introduction to alien species belonging to 4 different galaxies

Sneakpeaks of the game are released

Live testing of the game and release of Alpha version

Multiplayer NFT Game goes live


Asteroid shower - in-game utility

$Voya token airdropped to Planet/Continent holders

Players from each species can battle 1v1 or form alliances to take part in weekly capture the flag themed tournaments to earn more $Voya token

Explore the deep and infinite space and start building

More information soon




Planets are the founding stones of the game and are the assets on which continents reside. There are 1600 planets belonging to 4 different galaxies in voyage verse. Planet holders get the perks of resource production, taxes, free PFP airdrops and a role in the governance.


The Continents reside on the planets already in circulation. Continents come with one of the first ever " stake to evolve " upgradation utility which makes continents deflationary and evolvavble metaverse plots. For more info - head to the whitepaper. Once continents drop, Voyage begins off-chain resource generation for Continent holders and Planet holders via the resource tax mechanism. The amount of resource generated by a particular continent will be annotated within the metadata, being a gross amount. A portion of this resource will be taxed to planet holders.

The Continents grant holders access to:

Off-chain resource generation of Elixir, Antimatter, Rock and Crystal. These resources are tradable on the Voyage Marketplace, and are in-game consumables in executing functions such as crafting, battles, building and travelling.

Metaverse plots upon which holders may build in-game structures. Continents are rentable assets, enabling holders to pledge the asset for the use of a third party for a fee. Continents each represent one seat at the Galactic Confederations, a democratic composition of land lords. Choose the direction of your Galaxy.

Periodic airdrops of structures, vessels, resources and in-game items to Continents.

Continents will be minted in July,2022.


Rock Resource

Rock Resource







Rock Resource

Rock Resource



Each resource in Voyage has a specific property and utility. Antimatter provides energy, elixir is vital for space travel, rock for building and crystal for upgradation of NFT traits. For more information , check out the whitepaper by clicking here


Prerak Malik

Prerak Malik

Co-founder and a Computer Science senior. His academic interests include blockchain and high performance computing. When he isn't programming, he enjoys music and playing basketball.

Vikram Malik

Vikram Malik

Co-founder at Voyage and a Computer Science and Math student at IIIT Delhi. Proficient in multiple programming languages and microcontroller programming.

Stash Menon

Stash Menon

Corportate Banker with a career in credit lending and business development. He has an extensive experience in the cardano community and is the strategy and communications lead at Voyage.

Apart from the founders, a team of two full stack engineers, a 3d artist and Game developers are toiling to make this project happen.


We have already sold out our first collection of 1600 planets.

Voyage Planets Mint

Date : July 5, 2022

Total Supply : 2500 continents

WhiteList mint: 69 ADA per continent, starts at 6 PM UTC

Public mint: 75 ADA per continent, starts at 9 PM UTC

For further minting instructions, head over to discord.


coming soon.

Continent Map

coming soon.